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1.8L Cassette Autoclave Clase S de Vapor Sterilizer Rápido Sterilization KT-D-18

No. Artículo. KT-D-18
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1.8L Cassette Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Quick Sterilization KT-D-18


The sterilizer is mainly used for sterilization ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology and other small devices. The product only need 2-3 minutes to heat up to 135 degrees, faster than sterilizer on the market, which reducing the heating time, and improve work efficiency. As to using aspect, it provides a very convenient and simple operation, users can set the time of sterilization, sterilization temperature and drying time depending on the sterilization objects and stored in the corresponding shortcut keys (metal equipment, packaging equipment and non-metal instrument), so that the next time use.


1. Applications: quick sterilization for small type medical appliances used in dental clinic, E.N.T and gynaecoloy departments
2. The shortlest sterilization cycle only needs 6-7 minutes. Compared with the autoclave with a longer sterilization cycle, this quick autoclave prolings the life time of the medical instruments relatively, because the cycle time of the sterilized instruments exposed to the high temperature steam is less.
3. Three press buttons for different sterilization programs, the time and temperature can be set freely according to the user's needs.
4. Under the circumstances of unqualified water and water shortage, it gives an alarm signal and flashed on the display. It stops the sterilization cycle for the low temperature or low pressure during the sterlization proces, diaplays and even prints the faults.
5. Small dimension, light weight, wide ambient working condition, easy to operate. The cassette is also a good medical instruments container for temporary deposit and carry.


1. After sterilization program selected and start key pressure, the steam generator heats to an optimum temperature, then certain volumn of distilled waters pumped into the generator and immediately converted into steam.
2. A wall of steam is injected into the cassette, which is loaded with contaminated instruments.
3. As the steam courses through the cassette, the unclean and cold air stored in the cassette at the first beginning is wholly removed.


Dimensions: 570 x 415 x 170 mm (L x W x H)
Cassette external size: 390 x 196 x 40 mm (L x W x H)
Cassette internal size: 280 x 180 x 38 mm (L x W x H)
Reservoir volume: 3.4 L
Chamber volumn: 1.8L
Max temperature: 138 ℃
Working temperature: 121 to 135 ℃ (selectable)
Water using: distilled water, pure water or ultra pure water
Electrical rating: 220VAC±10%, 50Hz, 6A
Net Weight: 29 kg
Printer: thermal type
Paper roll: width 57 mm, roll diameter 48 mm, approx. 180 cycles per roll
Print speed: 5 mm/s


1.8L Cassette Autoclave Clase S de Vapor Sterilizer Rápido Sterilization KT-D-18

Deposito Dental de equipos dentales, instrumental odontológico y aparatología dental.