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Ascensor Raíz Dental Con plástico Hyle

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Dental Root Elevators with Plastic Handle

Minimal Root Elevators is applicable for immediate tooth implantation after tooth extraction and general tooth extraction. Its thin and sharp blade can be easily used to compress the alveolar bone, cut the periodontal membrane and protect the completeness. Invisible wound guarantees immediate heal. At the same time, it would be the best clinic choice due to its easy operation.


Root Elevators with Plastic Handle
710-201 1#, Straight Blade 2mm, for apical and for interproximal
710-202 2#, Curved Blade 3mm, for general use/starter
710-203 3#, Straight Blade 3mm, for interproximal
710-204 4#, Contra Angle 3mm, for lingual/grinding
710-205 5#, Inverted Curved 3mm, for general use/lingual/grinding
710-206 6#, Curved Blade 5mm, for molar root canal treatment
710-207 7#, Straight Blade 5mm, for interproximal
710-208 8#, Straight Dual Edge 3/1.5mm, for deep and residual root cutting
710-209 9#, Straight Dual Edge 5/3mm, for deep and residual root cutting
710-200 unit of #1 - #9


Operation Manual
1. Place the tip axially in the periodontal.2. Proceed spaced with a slight twisting action to gently drive the tip into the socket. The thin and sharp tip cuts ligaments whilst compressing the bone and raising the tooth gently from the socket.
3. Continue to two-thirds of the depth of root keeping close to the root wall. Avoid snagging the root.4. If root remains firm, repeat on the other side until the tooth is luxated from the socket.


1. Autoclaved, under 180 centigrade.
2. Protect the root elevator in cleaning, sterilization and storage resistant to high temperature.
3. The tip of luxator is extremely fine and sharp and can be damaged if used as an elevator. The tip is not designed for strong elevating forces.

Ascensor Raíz Dental Con plástico Hyle

Ascensor Raíz Dental Con plástico Hyle

Deposito Dental de equipos dentales, instrumental odontológico y aparatología dental.