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NSK® Varios 750lux Escalador Ultrasónico Dentales

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NSK® Varios 750lux Ultrasonic Scaler


NSK has developed the Varios Ultrasonic Systems to support a variety of clinical applications including Periodontal, General Scaling, Endodontic, Surgical and Restorative applications. With an expanding tip range that currently consists of 45 individual tips, Varios Ultrasonic Systems offer exceptional performance, versatility and value.

The Varios 750 is a single unit system designed to support a broad range of Pediodontic, Endodontic, General Scaling, and MI (minimally Invasive) applications. The system utilizes a special, exchangeable bottle, in addition to the primary water supply, enabling the appropriate antiseptic solution to be used according to clinical requirements. The Varios 750 control unit features a compact, user friendly design with a flat operation panel that prevents accumulation of debris and is well suited for a strict, aseptic environment. This system is available in either fiber optic or non-fiber optic versions.



1. 3 specialty application modes and 11 steps of LED power displayP, E and G modes are indicated for Periodontic, Endodontic and General Scaling. Each mode offers an 11-step power adjustment, meeting individual clinical requirements.

2. Memory Key
A preferred operation mode (power setting or selected water supply volume) can be stored in the memory simply by pressing the "M" button. Once stored, the memory setting can be easily recalled by pressing the "M" button.

3. Single-Touch water supply switch

Via a single front panel switch water supply can be changed from tap water to bottled water, or dry (no water)

4. Dual water adjustment knobs

Solution volume from the bottle can be adjusted with the range of 13 to 45 milliliters per minute allowing approximately 8 to 25 minute of use per bottle.The water supply from the tap can be adjusted.


Complete System Includes
Control Unit
Ultrasonic Handpiece
Handpiece Cord
Scaling Tips (G1, G4, G6)
Foot Control (FC-15)
VA Irrigation Bottles (2 Bottles)
Water Filter Set
Water Supply Connecter
Tip Holder
Tip Replacement Wrench
Tip Cover (S)

NSK® Varios 750lux Escalador Ultrasónico


NSK® Varios 750lux Escalador Ultrasónico

Deposito Dental de equipos dentales, instrumental odontológico y aparatología dental.